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Artists' Bk Cat/Video

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"Booker's Dozen '96," the biennial travelling
artists' & eccentric book exhibition sponsored
by the Idaho Center for the Book, is detailed
in a free, bi-lingual (English/Spanish) catalogue
available on request.  (Visit the Idaho Center for
Book website this spring for on-line biblio-
"teasers" of "Booker's '96.")
BOOKER'S DOZEN '96, a twenty-five minute bi-
lingual VHS video features all the books,
"live":  See NOW YOU SEE ME NAKED!  See
the metal book!  See the kaleidocycle--in
action!  See the prisoner's book, the 13-
year-old's Idaho endangered species book,
the book we're "dealt," the Velcro book--
and more, much more.
OK, as in book co-stars:  Gumby, the three-
armed bibliomaniac, a steam iron....
OR:  music by Bach, Styx (for the stick book,
of course), Scott Joplin....
Free catalogue requests (include snail
mail address), video ordering information:

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