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For GBW Members Only

My third term as Exhibitions Chair will end this Fall, and I will not be
seeking reelection. What this means is that I am searching for an immediate
co-chair, someone whose first primary task will be fundraising, we have
$7000 to go and who will want to assume, I mean run for the office, in the
Fall. I have enjoyed this position immensely, but due to other pressures
(life, grad school, work, this list, BURNOUT) I have decided that I want a

Who ever is interested should have a computer, with net access, if you're
reading this you do, as well as some DTP experience.

This brings me to my second concern. I am also the production editor of the
GBW Newsletter. My producing the Newsletter was never meant to be a
permanent thing and due to the same pressures listed earlier, I am allso
passing this on. The person to contact is Margaret Johnson. She currently
gathers the information and sends it on to me in a WP51 format. The
Calendar, and some reviews also come to me via email. I then put everything
into the right order, check it, and export it into PageMaker5.0. I have a
template which makes most of this much easier, and would also be willing to
supply the fonts... Please contact me for any of the technical details.

I will continue producing it through the February issue, and would like to
have found a replacement by the April issue. Whoever takes on this challenge
would still send me the completed Newsletter in either PM, WP, or RTF format
so that I can put it on the web. I will continue to take care of that end of
things. I like it, it gives me joy.

Hope to hear from some of you, soon?

Peter D. Verheyen                                       <wk> 315.443.9937
Conservation Librarian                                  <fax>315.443.9510
Syracuse University Library               <email>pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Syracuse University                    <www>http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey/
Syracuse, NY 13244                <Listowner>Book_Arts-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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