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Old news

Today I was repairing an old high school annual and came across an
article you might find interesting.  This is from a piece called "Library
Course Introduced" from the 1932 Petersburg High School annual.  A
library course had been introduced with eight students who were under the
supervision of the study hall teacher.  Here's what it says about book

To repair a book one must have the necessary equipment such as shears,
knife, awl, paste, needle, thread, thimble, recasing leather, transparent
adhesive tape, adhesive parchment paper, double stitched back binding,
gilt, white and black engrossing ing.  After the Necessary repairs have
been made to the book it is placed under the book repair press until the
paste is thoroughly dry.

The Manual Training Class constructed a library table, four card file
boxes and a book repair press which have certainly been used and
appreciated by the student librarians."

I have an inherited an old press here at the public library.  I wonder if
it is the one that the boys in Manual Training made?

Well, I just thought this was interesting.  Now back to removing the
rusted staples from it!

Happy New Year.


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