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Re: Shears Wanted

To Jason Thompson:
        Auch aye laddie tis great ta hear from ye!
        Forgive the Scottish banter!
        Anyway -- Try maybe American Graphic Arts as a source or lead
for board shears.  Their info follows:
                American Graphics Arts
                John Jacobsen, Jr., proprietor
                150 Broadway
                Elizabeth, NJ  07206
                (908) 351-6906

I can't take credit for knowing this, but I credit Karen Crisalli at the
Bookbinder's Warehouse for posting Mr. Jacobsen's info on a previous

        Do you want the shears for aesthetic value or functionability?
        I ask because shears themselves look awkward and I'd be happy
to use a simple guillotine that is manually operated.  Even Cockerell
used a "guillotine/cutter" of his own design rather than the traditional
shears, but hey, who am I to judge?  American Printing Equipment and
Supply Co., in Long Island City, NY has an Adana Heavy duty 12 inch
bench guillotine cutter in their catalogue, it's made in the UK and looks
quite ominous, but to be honest it'll probably fit the bill and last
forever.  $665.00 in their catalogue, but who knows maybe less some-
where.   Also, while I'm on the subject, does anyone know anything
about the "Kutrimmer"? It's a moderate duty (30-50 sheets) curved
blade table cutter (of varying dimensions) and they say it'll cut
"thin" plywood, and if it'll do that then it'll probably cut binder's
board, don't cha think?  Also American Printing sells Binder's Board
in 25, 50 and 75lb containers at thicknesses of .060, .075 and .082
sheet size is 26x38" and I'm wondering how many do you think will
be in a 25 lb box?  also is their stuff quality?  and which thickness
would you recommend for library binding with treated buckram covers?

        Oh well, enough said, I guess, and I thank everyone out there
for their replies re my question on mold and mildew and foxing, 70%
sounds like it might be what I need and thanks especially to
Peter Verheyen for the advice!  Oh to be his apprentice!

        Happy New Year to y'all and may the new year be more peaceful
than the last!

Rommel John Miller
(the perpetual student [which being so ain't half bad!])

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