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Re: Shears Wanted

Also, while I'm on the subject, does anyone know anything
>about the "Kutrimmer"? It's a moderate duty (30-50 sheets) curved
>blade table cutter (of varying dimensions) and they say it'll cut
>"thin" plywood, and if it'll do that then it'll probably cut binder's
>board, don't cha think?

I own their 31.5 inch model and like it. It's not a Jacques, but yes it does
cut binders board and paper... well. It also cuts square. The price is quite
reasonable, around $1000. One complaint. What ever you do, buy the largest
model. It doesn't take a piece of full sized mat board or the 60 pt
gray/white with our first being cut by hand with a knife and ruler which is
VERY tedious. I have no regrets though. It's biggest selling point for the
itinerate binder however is that it weighs around 100lb (less actually) and
fits in most any bedroom bindery. Mine is in my studio above the living
room. BookMakers sells it. Their number is 301.459.3384.

For someone not working on very large produciton runs in a small space etc I
HIGHLY recommend it. If you do alot of production work, hold out for a
Jacques or comparable like a Robust. They're tough to beat and will outlast


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