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Re: Virtual Mentoring/Distance Ed...

>We were talking on the MOO on Saturday (present were Michael Joseph, Jack
>Sinclair, Terry Rowley and Peter Verheyen) and decided we would like to try
>some sort of virtual mentoring where inexperienced book artists could ask
>more experienced collegues technical... questions and get feedback.This was
>an idea which sprang out of our discussion about training and education, and
>makes possible some form of distance education, which could be suplemented
>through documents on the web and email/snail mail. It can work even in this
>kind of medium.

First, I tried to connect to the Moo this morning (for me) and I couldn't
get passed the part where it asks me what gender I want to be. I should
also say that I connected through the Virtual Library Main Lobby because I
couldn't connect to Peter's instructions (or his page for that matter.) Did
anyone else have this problem, or was it just me?

Second, I sorta thought that this list served as a virtual mentor as it is
(ha ha- "list served" I can never pun on purpose, but it happens to me all
the time anyway, isn't there something Freudian about that?) I'm not
against what ya'll are proposing, being a novice myself and on the lookout
for any help I can get, but I have found that any time I or someone else
has asked for help on the list, people respond quite eagerly and helpfully.
I have also learned a lot by just "listening" to other's dialogues,
manifestos, rants, etc.


Gregory Fisk
Tanya DiMaggio
Masters candidate
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Univ. of Texas at Austin

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