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Re: Perfect Binding

Mr. Goff -- May I recommend the North Bennet Street School in Boston
Mass.?  It has been recommended to me by several people on this list
as one of the best (but not exclusively) schools and programs to teach
binding in a two year period.  Please contact them at the following
address and/or phone number:

North Bennet Street School
39 North Bennet Street
Boston, MA  02113
(617) 227-0155

It is my hope that they will accept me, but I am very nervous about ab
whether or not they will consider me a good candidate.  I have just
graduated from college with a BA in Philosophy and a GPA of only 3.09
which isn't bad, I guess, but I could've been an honor student were
it not for my learning disability interfering with my understanding
of Heidegger and his connection with the Nazi party.  Were it not for
three incompletes that I could not finish in time because of my ADD and
OCD I would have a 3.4 gpa and a cum laude degree, but c'est la vie,
the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. But you see, I fear that
a 3.09 will put me at the bottom of any professional degree or crafts
program as they probably only want the best and brightest.  Hence my
fear and apprehension, but at least I, like Kierkegaarde can claim to
be awe-struck by the power of others judging one's faults and short-
comings (ref. "Fear and Trembling" by Kiekegaarde).

Also for me money is a factor and I wonder if the VA will be as willing
to pay for crafts school as they would be for my earning a Master's
in Library Science.  You see I am 37 years old and will be 38 by the
time I begin either grad school or NBSS, and I fear my age and disability
will influence anyone's decision of my ability.  I am a service connected
disabled veteran but no one seems willing to take that into consideration,
and blame me for feeling sorry for myself, but years of being told that
I didn't measure up HAVE truly left their scars, and old wounds take
longer to heal than fresh ones, so I think my paranoia, apprehension,
and doubt are somewhat justified, believe me, my road in life has been
fraught with many failures and I have come to expect them.

Oh please forgive my belly aching everyone, and please bear with someone
who WANTS to learn but doubts his capacity to do it successfully.
I'll end now.  Peace and happy New Year.
Rommel John Miller

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