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Another question....

Happy New Year to you all!  And let's hope its a good one, without any
tears! (homage John Lennon, RIP)

OK -- my first question of the year:

        Does anyone out there have any opinions on the use of Filmoplast (R)
P-90 and P-91 being used for guarding, especially the signature folds of
old books being re-sewn?  Also -- anyone out there have any second-hand
lying presses and ploughs and finishing presses and maybe a nice sewing
table?  I'm poor you see and while I'd love to buy the equipment new,
I'm hoping that someone'll make an offer that I just plain can't refuse.

        I mean, free presses were a great idea, but when I found out that
it'd cost around $1500.00 to ship it, I said, uh, oh, out of my proverbial
ball-park!  I'm freshly graduated from college and no job, ergo no real
cast reserves for big purchases, just books.  ah well, things are BOUND
to look up.  Cheers!
Rommel John Miller

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