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Re: Beginner's Binding References

In a message dated 96-01-02 23:19:15 EST, you write:

>Two more books for beginning bookbinders:
>by Pauline Johnson' "Creative Bookbinding" . . .
>Arthur W. Johnson's, "The Craft of Bookbinding" . . .

I believe "Books, Boxes and Portfolios," by Franz Zeier (Design Press) has
been mentioned, as well as "Japanese Bookbinding," by Kojiro Kiegami
(Weatherhill).  Did anyone mention the new "Books, Boxes and Wraps," by
Marilyn Webberley & JoAn Forsyth (Bifocal Publishing)?  "Books, Boxes and
Wraps" is my personal all-around favorite.

There's a special place in my heart for Annette Hollander's
"Easy-to-Make-Decorative Boxes and Desk Accessories" (Dover) which is a
republication of the 1974 book originally entitled "Bookcraft:  How to
Construct Notepad Covers, Boxes and Other Useful Items."  The original
publication is one of the books that got me started; I thought it was the
coolest.  Although the book is short on good materials notes and the photos
dated, the drawings and directions are good, and there is a good variety of
projects to attract the beginner.  And it's only $6!  I wouldn't recommend
using it alone though -- I'd say use it with one of the "Books, Boxes . . ."

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