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Re: Do you have any nylon stockings?

You've got to be kidding.  I am probably the greatest pack-rat on the
list and I don't have any stockings from the 50's.  Please give us some
more explanation.  Do they want non-panty hose?  or what are the
specifics of need?  Do they really need stockings that were made in the
1950's if they are still around?

Jane Brown

On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, Ed Hutchins wrote:

> Lois Morrison is working with Esther K Smith and students at Cooper Union on
> a book project and they are looking for nylon stockings from the 50's.  The
> size of the edition will be determined by how many stockings they can locate.
>  If you have any suggestions, please contact me directly and I'll pass the
> information on to Lois.
> Lois' name has come up on this list before because of her many artist books,
> including "St Ostrich in Manhattan" (Flying Fish Press).  Esther K Smith is
> co-proprietor of Purgatory Pie Press.  Please help if you can.
> Ed (Hutchins)

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