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Re: Beginner's Binding References

Forgive me if the following is too "commercial" for the list, but I think it
appropriate to mention here the bookbinding manuals that are currently
available by mail order. Some have been mentioned in various posts, others
are new or previously not mentioned:

1)  (Thames & Hudson) Manual of Bookbinding, by Arthur W. Johnson
2)  Japanese Bookbinding, by Kojiro Ikegami
3)  Bookbinding, by Paul N. Hasluck (facsimile, in sheets only)
4)  Practical Bookbinding, by W. B. Pearce (facsimile, in sheets only)
5)  Modern Bookbinding, by Alex J. Vaughan (facsimile, in sheets only)
6)  Cover to Cover, by Shereen LaPlantz
7)  Non-Adhesive Binding - Volume I - Books Without Paste or Glue, by Keith
8)  Non-Adhesive Binding - Volume 2 - "1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings, by Keith
9)  Non-Adhesive Binding - Volume 3 - Exposed Spine Sewings, by Keith Smith
    (due any day)
10) Anyone Can Make a Book, by Rita Hammack
11)  Hand-Made Books. An Introduction to Bookbinding. By Rob Shepherd
12) The Pop-Up Book, by Paul Jackson
13) Books, Boxes and Portfolios, by Franz Zeier
14) Books, Boxes and Wrraps, by Marilyn Webberley

There are many others available that deal with specific aspects of the book,
such as The Restoration of Leather Bindings (Bernard Middleton); An
Introduction to Gold Finishing , and The Craftsman's Guide to Edge Decoration
(by John Mitchell); et al.

These, and many others, are readily available by mail order from Bookbinder's
Warehouse. If you wish further details please e-mail me direct. And my
advance apologies if anyone feels this posting is too "sales-oriented" for
the list.

Regards, Karen C.

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