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Re: Ridding books of fish odor (fwd)

>> I am requesting help for a fellow librarian.  A local public library was
>> given an unusual gift in it's book drop.  A dead fish was stuffed into
>> the drop and several of the books and video tape are very stinky. The
>> library staff has tried many ways of getting rid of the smell with poor
>> results.  Any ideas would be welcome and I will pass them on to those
>> tired of holding their noses.  This library in question is on the sea,
>> but really!
>> Thanks.

>> Linda Hendrick       lhendric@xxxxxxxxxxx*
>> Skagit Valley College Library            *
>> 1205 E. College Way                      *
>> Mount Vernon, WA 98273                   *
>> (360) 428-1087                           *


Try this.
Place the offended items in a brown paper bag, twisting the top closed.
Place one half of a 5# bag of kitty litter, some people use scented, into a
large brown grocery bag.
Place  the bag with the smelly book into the large grocery bag containing
the litter.
After one week throw out the old litter and place what litter remains in
the grocery bag in it's stead.
Let this sit for another week in a well ventilated area.
If this fails, use it for bait  :)

Terry Rowley

P.S. I used this for a set of Irvings Works that I found at a flea Market.
They were covered with mud, wet, moldy and just downright evil. Two weeks
later, their condition hsd improved to a point that I felt there was hope
and I could justify any more time put into these particular tomes.

Terry Rowley                                               Capnhuff@xxxxxxxxxx
Brendan Thomas Books                                          203-729-1663
88 Highland Ave
Naugatuck,CT 06770

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