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Re: stamping dies from IU Press

>I work in typesetting at Indiana University Press, and I have recently
>been given the task of getting rid of all our out-of-print cover stamping
>dies. They are basically lots of copper, some zinc and magnesium, a few
>brass, they are unmounted and are mostly spine dies. There are a few
>logos and graphics, but not many.
>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has an interest in such
>things, and would be willing to buy them from us. If not, they will go
>down the street to the scrap metal yard. Basically, if you can pay us
>more than scrap, they're yours. Of course, it's possible that no one
>cares, and that's fine. If you care, though, get in touch with me before
>Greg Delisle


Please hold for me. I am running out the door right now, but I will be in
touch later today (wednesday).

Terry Rowley

Terry Rowley                                               Capnhuff@xxxxxxxxxx
Brendan Thomas Books                                          203-729-1663
88 Highland Ave
Naugatuck,CT 06770

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