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Re: Ridding books of fish odor (fwd)

>Thought someone on this list might have a suggestion !
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>Date: Sat, 06 Jan 1996 15:21:55 -0800 (PST)
>From: Linda Hendrick <lhendric@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: stumpers-list@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Ridding books of fish odor
>I am requesting help for a fellow librarian.  A local public library was
>given an unusual gift in it's book drop.  A dead fish was stuffed into
>the drop and several of the books and video tape are very stinky. The
>library staff has tried many ways of getting rid of the smell with poor
>results.  Any ideas would be welcome and I will pass them on to those
>tired of holding their noses.  This library in question is on the sea,
>but really!
>Linda Hendrick       lhendric@xxxxxxxxxxx*
>Skagit Valley College Library            *
>1205 E. College Way                      *
>Mount Vernon, WA 98273                   *
>(360) 428-1087                           *

Smoke is quite good at carrying smells away. People in very dry
countries often bathe by immersing themselves in smoke, not water.  Try
putting the books in a confined room and lighting a dozen incense
sticks, then repeating when they've burned through. If you go to a
church suppliers they have granulated incense which can really fill a
room thoroughly - you'll need self-lighting charcoal blocks and an old
plate to hold them. Of course the books will then smell of incense,
but that is more pleasant and will wear off fairly quickly.

Also, if you cut an onion in half and place both halves on a plate,
cut side up, it will absorb a great deal of odour. This works well if
you've just painted a room and you want to get rid of the fumes.
Surprising but true. Don't do this at the same time as the incense
option, otherwise you'll end up with an onion full of incense instead
of fish!

Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lilliput Press  -   Publisher of fine books in miniature

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