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Pop-up and Movable Book Web

I've put together the "first draft" of a Pop-up and Movable Book Web
resource site at:


The site now has a good core of interesting links to exhibitions, etc. that
I found using the new altavista search engine. After viewing over 200 web
pages, I've selected around 15 of the best. The site is illustrated with
thumbnails from some of the online exhibits.

(During key word searching on "pop-up", I found quite a few book_arts-l
postings -- which is how I came to join this list.)

The plan is to use the current site as a magnet for pop-up book news and
information about related web sites and, eventually, to design a unique
"electro-paper-mechanical" web site, including extensive original graphics
and text as well as links to other sites.

I would welcome comments, suggestions, submissions or inquiries about the
web site from movable book artists, book dealers, collectors, critics and
the idle curious.

"Only in mediocre art does life unfold as fate." -- Michael Ignatieff

Tom Walker
knoWWare Communications

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