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Subject: Re: Petherbridge Book?

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>From: "Robert J. Milevski" <milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Petherbridge Book?
>I have not heard of this book but my guess is that it is in the same
>limbo as was the earlier book he edited, a festschirft for Roger
>Powell.  The gestation period for the Powell book has moved from
>being a tribute to a great binder to being a memorial and remembrance
>of him.  I have been told that GP is no longer in charge of it, the
>Powell book, although I do not recall that my source said when it
>would be published.  But I have been looking forward to the Powell
>book for what seems like ten years.  It would not surprise me to hear
>again about this other enterprise of GPs in 2005, with someone asking
>the same question Karen asked.
>Robert Milevski
>Princeton University Libraries
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>From: Karen Crisalli <KarenC5071@xxxxxxx>
>Subject:      Petherbridge Book?
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>Can anyone advise about the availability of "The Compleat Binder.
>Studies in Book Making and Conservation. A Hither to Unrecorded English
>Romanesque Book Sewing Technique" edited by Geoffrey Petherbridge. This was
once mentioned as tentatively being ready in 1994 but I have found no record
of it being issued to date. Thanks, Karen Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse
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