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petherbridge book


>Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 13:30:47 -0600
>From:ltrpress@xxxxxxxxxx (Bradley Hutchinson)
>Subject:petherbridge book
>Mr. Milevski, this festscrift for Powell was to be a joint publication
>between Petherbridge & W. Thomas Taylor (who I used to work for until
>January of 1995). The project went into limbo with Guy's move to Australia
>& the attendant personal problems he was having at the time. It dragged on
>for a while, then maybe two years ago Tom decided to get out of the
>project. I believe that he sent all the disks and files and photographs to
>John Sharp at Duke. Sharp was going to try to get another publisher
>interested , I believe, but I have heard nothing of it since. I'll forward
>this message on to Verheyen and Crisalli, but I am reluctant to post to
>the list simply because I'm unsure of what Sharp's role is now. I do
>remember that a laser proof of the first galleys were rushed to England
>and were "presented" to Powell on his death-bed. With his passing the
>urgency left the project. I expect the contributors are quite unhappy with
>the situation, though it's been so long they might have blown it off.

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