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Re: LOC Box Book

>We have a copy of "Boxes for the Protection of Rare Books: Their Design and
>Construction", which I think is probably the book you're referring to. It is a
>Library of Congress, National Preservation Program Publication. The
>author/compiler is Margaret Brown. Our copy is 1982, I don't know if there is a
>newer edition. It comes 3-hole punched, so you can put it in a binder. I'm not
>sure where we got ours but it says on it that it's for sale by the
>Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Gov't Printing Office, Wash., DC 20402. $18
>in '83. ISBN 0-8444-0365-2.  It covers book enclosures and portfolio boxes.
>Karen Lightner
>Rare Book Department
>The Free Library of Philadelphia

I have the same. However, alas, the document has been out of print for at
least 5 or 6 years. I have talked to the US Government Printing Office and
there are no plans to reprint. It is a shame because it is a very useful.

(Hello Karen)

Phil Zimmermann
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