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Haitian bookbinders?

To my fellow binders:
  A relative of mine who has spent many years researching Haitian art and
culture has recently returned from yet another excursion to the Western
Hemispere's most impoverished country.  During this trip she came into
contact with a privately run library, and the librarians were very keen on
repairing and binding their books.  However, they really would like some
better instruction (they don't have e-mail access like we do)  and would like
to find out if anyone, preferably Haitian or Creole (at least French)
speaking would like to go there for a week or 2 and give them a workshop.
  Does anyone know of any such person to fit the bill?  Some folks that I
have mentioned this too have grimaced at the prospect- however, my relative
is a female in her mid-60's , and has been fine there all these years.  She
has locate dsources for grant funding for the trip.
  I also understand that there is a National Library which could probably
also use some similar help...  One thing that they do apparently have in
Haiti is quite a goatskin tanning industry, including some type of vegetable
tanned skins, which are cheap and plentiful.  perhaps worth investigating....
 Jake Benson

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