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Re: Book Arts in Paris? (also web resources for the book history and book arts community)

Ms. McCarthy and other members of Book Arts-L,

Though we don't have anything on Paris right now, Oak Knoll Books
has most of its web site up now where you can find out about book
arts and other book-related events happening all over. We intend to
feature a resource section for those interested in book history and
the book arts and are developing a section for the book history and
book arts community. Included are lists of magazines and
organizations on and off the web, a calendar of events (slowly
growing) and soon to come, lists of other resources such as
suppliers, stores, etc.

Currently, you can get to it by accessing the Oak Knoll home page


If you or anyone else on Book Arts-L has a question, please don't
hesitate to ask. We will follow this up with an official press
release soon.

Esther C. Fan
Oak Knoll Books, 414 Delaware Street, New Castle DE 19720
Phone: 302-328-7232/Fax: 302-328-7274/Email: oakknoll@xxxxxxxxx

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