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Re: Book Arts in Paris?

>I'm will be visiting Paris, France in February and would like to know if
>any members of the list have any suggestions of places to visit if one is
>interested in book arts. Museums?.. Libraries with exhibits open to the
> public?...Shops for supplies and papers?
>Since this is my first posting let me introduce myself. My name is
> living and working in
>Providence, RI. I am currently the Senior Conservation Technician for the
>Brandeis University Libraries. My original background was in illustration
>and design.
>I would greatly appreciate any insider's info on a "bookbinder's tour of
>Thanks in advance.
>Christine McCarthy
>Brandeis University Libraries
>Waltham, MA
>e-mail: cmccarthy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Dear Christine McCarthy,

by going to Paris I would provide the following ideas for your for your trip.

Relma, Materials and Tools for Bookbinders,
Rougier et Ple. the same,
Alivon, they engrave my Finishing tools and are one of the best I know,
Ecole Estiennne, one of the biggest and best school for the bookarts in Europe,
Printing, Typesetting, finishing, bookbinding, marbling. (I used to teach
Emanuel Boonani, Rue des Arqebusiers, he splits and skives leather to order.
There is a lot mor Iknow about, I will send you more by tomorrow as I do not
have all the adresses here at hand.
You will love it.


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