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Re: Book Arts in Paris?

>I'm will be visiting Paris, France in February and would like to know if
>any members of the list have any suggestions of places to visit if one is
>interested in book arts. Museums?.. Libraries with exhibits open to the
> public?...Shops for supplies and papers?

You could visit the most amazing second-hand english language bookshop
in the known world. It's called Shakespeare & Co. and is in the heart
of the city, opposite Notre Dame. I haven't been there for years, but
it is very old, housed in an ancient half-timbered house as I
remember. The entire higgledy-piggledly rambling house is full of
books. And I mean full. When I went, I was browsing along the shelves,
with my head cocked on one side as you do, when I found a strange
object in front of me. Straightening up, I realised it was a
gas-cooker. Strange, I thought, until I looked around me and
discovered I was in the kitchen.

>Since this is my first posting let me introduce myself. My name is
> living and working in
>Providence, RI.

So, do you and your name work separately then? Just asking ;)

>Christine McCarthy
>Brandeis University Libraries
>Waltham, MA
>e-mail: cmccarthy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lilliput Press  -   Publisher of fine books in miniature

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