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Does anyone know Claire Van Vliet?

>Hi, I just received a brochure about summer workshops through Art New England.
>One of the workshops is an Artists Books class taught by Claire Van Vliet.
>Since I have been binding books for about four years now, and I have taken
>many classes in this field, I hate to take this workshop(it is far from
>inexpensive) if I am going to be learning the same structures that I've
>been taught before.
>In the description it mentions that many of the structures were developed
>by Claire for Janus Press publications- I am not familiar with Janus Press,
>so I am in the dark.
>So, anyone know her? Anyone familiar with Janus Press? Is she on-line???
>Any info will help. In the meantime, I have been trying to get more info
>from Art New England- but the person who can help me is never in the
>office!(well, not today anyway).
>Thank you very much!

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