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Re: Does anyone know Claire Van Vliet?

>> >Hi, I just received a brochure about summer workshops through Art New England.
>> >One of the workshops is an Artists Books class taught by Claire Van Vliet.
>> >
>> >Since I have been binding books for about four years now, and I have taken
>> >many classes in this field, I hate to take this workshop(it is far from
>> >inexpensive) if I am going to be learning the same structures that I've
>> >been taught before.
>> >In the description it mentions that many of the structures were developed
>> >by Claire for Janus Press publications- I am not familiar with Janus Press,
>> >so I am in the dark.
>> >
>> >So, anyone know her? Anyone familiar with Janus Press? Is she on-line???
>> >Any info will help. In the meantime, I have been trying to get more info
>> >from Art New England- but the person who can help me is never in the
>> >office!(well, not today anyway).
>> >>> >Tammy
>> >atomic@xxxxxxxx

Claire Van Vliet is a well-known and dynamic book artist, designer, and
paper-maker -- if she's teaching a course near you, take it.

A brief biog can be found as part of the on-line WWW version of the
University of Virginia's 4-millionth volume -- Rita Dove's
"Lady Freedom Among Us:"


The print version was created by Claire Van Vliet and the Janus Press.

Several other Web hits for "Claire Van Vliet" can be found by going
to the OpenText web search tool:


Best wishes,

David Seaman, Coordinator        804-924-3230 (phone)
Electronic Text Center           804-924-1431 (fax)
Alderman Library                 email: etext@xxxxxxxxxxxx
University of Virginia           http://www.lib.virginia.edu/etext/ETC.html
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

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