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Lecture Tour

I'm planning to do a lecture tour this year.  If you'd like to have me talk
at your institution or organization, please e-mail me directly. I do a
one-hour slide talk (an entertaining and expanded version of my website
images), and can curate or judge an exhibition, conduct a workshop
(technical or inspirational), or create general mayhem.

Technical specialties include: Hot stamping (Kensol or Kwikprint); laced-in
cord or tape leather bookbinding; rounding and backing; trimming with the
press and plough; safety and accuracy in guillotine cutting; hand type
composition--kerning with the trim-o-saw; makeready on the clamshell (C&P
style platen press) or flatbed cylinder press (Vandercook style or Kelly
"B" style). Inquire if you need other tech workshops.

Inspirational workshops include: Master Class -- special projects
development (for exhibiting artists); Designing a binding; The Edge of
Bookness-- pushing the conceptual limits.

General Mayhem includes: Tango Party; Jam Session (I'll bring the electric
violin); Public Outrage (available on special request at discount prices).


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