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Out of Africa?

There is the distinct possibility that I am searching for info from the
wrong list, so please bear with me. Sometime in late November, early
December, I responded to a request for support for papermakers in Uganda,
East Africa.  After I sent my post off, I foolishly deleted the message
with the flick of a fickle finger, while at the same time the cybergods
were gleefully wrecking havoc with the original posters mail and everyone
else writing for info.  I was never able to get the original posters name,
so I was unable to know if my message surrived the melee or not. Untill

I recieved a handmade, handwritten note on some very interesting and
beautiful paper that originated from Uganda.
I was very surprised and elated but there is one small problem. It seems
that the senders penmanship is about on par with my own and I cannot make
out the name. I have enough to get some type of commuinication out, but I
would feel so much better if I am able to use the full name of the
craftsperson. So I would greatly appreciate anyone who has the original
posters name at hand, so that I might E-Mail them to get the proper name of
the individual who sent the samples. Thanking you in advance

Terry Rowley                                               Capnhuff@xxxxxxxxxx
Brendan Thomas Books                                          203-729-1663
88 Highland Ave
Naugatuck,CT 06770

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