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Re: Koob Stra letter, Jan. 1996

I just got _At Home With Books_ a week ago for my birthday. It is great
fun, and educational. That is, I have naively assumed that all book
collectors have similar values when it comes to books, even if they
collect different things. For example, I was amazed to learn of serious
collectors who routinely write in their (collectable) books. The
different library designs were also fascinating. Even the ones I
considered quite tasteless were intriguing.

I might mention that R. Minsky, whose library is featured, is described
as a polymath. One wonders whether this is word is his own or that of the


Steven D. Hales
Assistant Professor           email: hales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Department of Philosophy      phone: (717) 389-4229
Bloomsburg University         fax: (717) 389-2094
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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