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Inkjet printing.

I've received a number of fliers from book artists advertising books brinted
with inkjet printers. Anyone ever done any tests of long term stability,
especially in regards to fading. When I worked at Yale we tested color
lasers, pretty permanent, except for poor abrasion resistantce. I have some
inkjet print-outs tacked to a wall here to see how they do. I'm a little
concerned because I used to use dot matrix output for cheap labels on my
journals etc, which are basically ink on a ribbon (the same ink?) and
they've faded to the point of illegibility. If a book is housed in a box and
not exposed to light that may be a problem, but on display, especially in
cases with no uv protection it will be a real problem.

Any other experiences. It is nice to be able to output in color cheaply, but...

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