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Re: Inkjet printing.

I'm also concerned because I'm working with inkjet output on a current
project.  I have a little information, though.  In my office I have a HP
Deskjet 500C whose ink I did test several years ago - it fades badly under
fluorescent light and presumably in daylight as well.  I recently bought
a Canon BJ-4000 for home, partly because I've never been satisfied with
the output of the HP (uneven - you can see lines across colored areas),
and partly because the technical information on the BJ, if I remember
right, specifically says they've made the ink more colorfast than the
usual in the industry.  I haven't tested it yet, but I guess I'll do that
and let y'all know the results.

I can definitely say that the ink will run if it gets wet.  Krylon spray
helps a fair amount, but I'm using a light spraying, not a full layer, and
so it's not 100% (I don't want as much color change and glossiness as I'd
get even with the matte spray.)

I'd be interested in any experience other people have had, especially
recommendations for protective treatments, since there is no way I'm going
to be able to afford color laser.  Even doing final pages on the
University's color xerox costs 75 cents per sheet, and I don't much like
the results for several reasons: I don't like the hard paper they use, the
shiny surface of the output, or the way the image cracks along folds.  On
the other hand, I do like the way that ink-jet ink goes into the softer
papers and leaves the papers looking and feeling normal (of course, the
Krylon affects that... so other protection methods would be welcome.)

Judy Kerman

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Robert A. Goff wrote:

> At 9:33 1/23/96, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
> >
> >>I'm a little
> >concerned because I used to use dot matrix output for cheap labels on my
> >journals etc, which are basically ink on a ribbon (the same ink?) and
> >they've faded to the point of illegibility.
> Definitely not the same ink, but I wouldn't doubt that it fades just as
> easily.  Inkjet inks are formulated more for their mechanical properties
> than for their durability.
> However, there may be a spray coating that would help.  I don't know of
> such a thing off the top of my head, but I know there are fixatives that
> may have preservative properties.
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