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Re: Inkjet printing.

Excellent replies to the hazards of an unfixed inkjet printing.  I bring
this up primarily because the Vellum chart I purchased from Karen
Crisalli's _Bookbinder's Warehouse_ seems to have been printed on a
heavier stock than most Inkjets are designed to handle.  I might be
wrong, but I've always heard HP say that 20 pound, 75% rag content
was about the heaviest their inkjets could handle and so anything heavier
would reject the normal fixative in the toner/ink mixture.  And here's
the scoop:  No offense to Ms. Crisalli and the BW, its a great organization
and since I've just received my diploma in the mail for my BA (NOT a mail-
order degree mind you, but one won with blood, sweat and many tears) and I
feel human once again, I have actually found a job to tide me over until
my MLS program starts in Sept.  That said I can now send Ms. Crisalli lots
of orders, payment included, to satiate my desire to become a conservator.
Ah, the glories of a job, all said for the joy of a paycheck, were it
possible to savor the sweet nectar of bliss without it, heaven (or at
least work-ethic republicans) forbid.  But I digress and what I'm about to
say in no way is meant to malign the nature or character of Karen or BW.
(For both are exemplary!)
Ok this Vellum sample chart like I said was printed undoubtedly on a laser
printer or an inkjet, both on heavy stock without appropriate fixative
agents are quite insufficient and the only real solution is to achieve the
same end on a (you guessed it) LETTERPRESS.  Ink is ink and only the
scribe's nib is better than the letterpress' think and pasty ink  (gooey
too [-ey]) and the printer, beit Dot Matrix (24 pin or even 36 pin I'm
told they exist), laser or inkjet just don't compare where quality and
permanance is the issue, and if permanance isn't the issue for the
conservator, what, pray-tell, is?  That's why we use a fixative for gold,
and hot stamping for colors and that is primarily why the best editions
are produced by letterpress publishers, the time and quality of the finished
product begs us to open it and use and know that unlike most tomes we
purchase from WaldenBook, B.Dalton or Border's, this book will last a good
many years without it becoming faded or worn or just plain useless.  There-
fore let us strive for quality in our work and toss out those computer
driven printers where the production of our passion is concerned.  They
are fine for letters and resumes and reports, but please don't persist
in using them where fine books are concerned, I mean there is such a
thing as aesthetics, isn't there?

just my point of view, forgive me if i've offended.
Rommel john Miller
12544 Selsey Road
Ocean City, MD  21842
(410) 213-0082

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