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Re: Inkjet printing.

> That's why we use a fixative for gold,
>and hot stamping for colors and that is primarily why the best editions
>are produced by letterpress publishers, the time and quality of the finished
>product begs us to open it and use and know that unlike most tomes we
>purchase from WaldenBook, B.Dalton or Border's, this book will last a good
>many years without it becoming faded or worn or just plain useless.  There-
>fore let us strive for quality in our work and toss out those computer
>driven printers where the production of our passion is concerned.  They
>are fine for letters and resumes and reports, but please don't persist
>in using them where fine books are concerned, I mean there is such a
>thing as aesthetics, isn't there?
>just my point of view, forgive me if i've offended.
>Rommel john Miller

Nice message.

I do believe there's such a thing as aesthetics.  Or rather, there are many
aesethetics, and please save us from single ones which seek to be dominant.
There's also a place for impermanance in a lot of aesthetics. Long live
change, even weathering.


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