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Re: Inkjet printing.

Henry Wilhelm has done research in the area of permanence of inkjet
printers (color) which he published in his book, THE PERMANENCE AND CARE
NEGATIVES, SLIDES, AND MOTION PICTURES. 1993, Grinnell:  preservation

My understanding of his results is that the inks have been rather poor in
light stability, but that is changing-- and quickly.  Two commercial
brands that Wilhelm felt were better are:  Iris Graphics ink jet color
printers (300 dpi) and Store jet prints.   The inks are water-soluble and
coatings are available.  It is my understanding that the inkjet process
is fine--it's just the current materials which are used as ink are the
limiting factor.

The Iris Graphics printers will probably be beyond the financial
resources of most book artist's.  Wilhelm states model 4012 (10 x 17 inch
images) is $39,000!; model 3047 (34 x 46 inch images possible) is a
"mere" $123,00.00 (USA).

Wilhlem also concluded that most of the inks(especially those prior to
1992) are, or should be suspected of having, poor light stability.  (inks
that are used for this process, that is....)

Stephanie Watkins

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> I've received a number of fliers from book artists advertising books brinted
> with inkjet printers. Anyone ever done any tests of long term stability,
> especially in regards to fading. When I worked at Yale we tested color
> lasers, pretty permanent, except for poor abrasion resistantce. I have some
> inkjet print-outs tacked to a wall here to see how they do. I'm a little
> concerned because I used to use dot matrix output for cheap labels on my
> journals etc, which are basically ink on a ribbon (the same ink?) and
> they've faded to the point of illegibility. If a book is housed in a box and
> not exposed to light that may be a problem, but on display, especially in
> cases with no uv protection it will be a real problem.
> Any other experiences. It is nice to be able to output in color cheaply, but...
> Peter
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