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Re: Inkjet

Wow!  I would learn how to implement Richard Minsky's process for using
the BJ130 or Stylus 1000!  Am I correct in assuming that a process
similar to off-set is being used in those printers?  How dilute is the
ink (black) that they use and do you hand color, or do you actually mix
them in the printer itself?  All in all, I guess I was a little too
hasty about Inkjets and I apologize to those whom I may have offended,
but Inkjets seem to have matured over the past 10 years and I can
remember the first generation Canons being a little quirky about absorption.
Anyway its truly good to hear that a viable alternative exists to the
good old letterpress, but to be honest, some of the old-tyme little ones
like the Baltimore 10 or the Bluepress Deluxe really send me into a near
nirvana state of consciousness.  I mean nothing could replace the joy
of type-setting and printing cards &c. on a 3 x 3.25 chase and a Baltimore
10, H.L. Mencken, racist bigot he might have been writes fondly of that
time in his youth when printers ink seemed to have been transfused into
his own circulatory-system.  Oh to have those small presses produced for
young hands today!  But ah the satisfaction of setting type and getting it
right!  But let me just say, if Bubble and Ink jets are what some of you
are saying they, then gosh, golly, gee, I've got to get me one, and which
software would be best to utilize the widest varieties of fonts?  I think
I sense a boon to the small-press in this, and I think I need to learn
more, much more.
Thanks tho, because you've piqued my interest and I'm going to start
looking more closely at Canon and Epson inkjets.

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