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Re: Inkjet printing.

>I can definitely say that the ink will run if it gets wet.  Krylon spray
>helps a fair amount, but I'm using a light spraying, not a full layer, and
>so it's not 100% (I don't want as much color change and glossiness as I'd
>get even with the matte spray.)
>I'd be interested in any experience other people have had, especially
>recommendations for protective treatments, since there is no way I'm going
>to be able to afford color laser.  Even doing final pages on the
>University's color xerox costs 75 cents per sheet, and I don't much like
>the results for several reasons: I don't like the hard paper they use, the
>shiny surface of the output, or the way the image cracks along folds.  On
>the other hand, I do like the way that ink-jet ink goes into the softer
>papers and leaves the papers looking and feeling normal (of course, the
>Krylon affects that... so other protection methods would be welcome.)
>Judy Kerman

I purchased a childrens book from booklab that was printed in 1993. For the
illustrations they used a Xerox 5775 digital color copier on Rives
lightweight paper. Color saturation is beautiful and soft. Although it has
not quite  been three years, there is absolutely no sign of fading.  By the
way Judy, How does the Canon stack up against the HP?  I like to hear.

Terry Rowley

Terry Rowley                                               Capnhuff@xxxxxxxxxx
Brendan Thomas Books                                          203-729-1663
88 Highland Ave
Naugatuck,CT 06770

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