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Re: Ink Jet printers

>Peter's concerns are quite valid. However, I have printed, since 1992, 885
>books on my HP Desk Jet 550C color printer (this includes many illustrations).
>Not one of my clients has complained about light fast problems or fading of
>any kind and every one of each of those many editions which is in my own
>collection is in fine condition. They have been exhibited many times and
>have never shown any kind of fading. That's as far back as I can comment on.
>Pat Baldwin

Pat, I'm impressed and amazed. Assuming you began at the beginning of 1992,
and ending at the beginning of this year, that means you printed 885 books
in a total of 1460 days, or that you printed a book every 1.65 days. Are
each of these separate editions? and of what size? I've printed books on
Vandercooks and had books printed by professional printers, and I've done a
couple of little books on my HP Laserjet III, but if I count every little
thing I come out with something like 55 books in 15 years in editions
ranging from one to 2000. And I thought I was doing well.

charles alexander

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