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Re: Inkjet printing.

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Terry Rowley wrote:

> I purchased a childrens book from booklab that was printed in 1993. For the
> illustrations they used a Xerox 5775 digital color copier on Rives
> lightweight paper. Color saturation is beautiful and soft. Although it has
> not quite  been three years, there is absolutely no sign of fading.  By the

Interesting.  I'll ask our graphics manager whether he'd let me try some
other papers.  He does all sorts of experiments with the black-and-white
photocopiers - I print all my small run books that way, and any paper
that is not highly textured seems to work fine.

> way Judy, How does the Canon stack up against the HP?  I like to hear.

My HP is several years old, and I think the newer ones are better, but
I've never liked it much for serious color work - after finding out how
much the ink faded, and seeing the lines across most of the color images,
I just didn't take it seriously.  Also, the color cartridge is 4 colors
(including black) in one box, so when a color goes, all the rest is
wasted.  The Canon, by separating out the black ink (which often gets more
use), is more economical - the black refill for the color print head is
actually pretty cheap.  And it does reuse the print head, which saves
money too.

As usual, my results have not been as good as the demo on either printer.
Which reminds me, have people heard the story about Bill Gates?  Story
goes, he died and went up to the sorting room, where St. Peter told him
that they couldn't decide where to send him, Heaven or Hell, so they'd let
him take a look and make his own decision.  He visited Hell, and saw all
sorts of bikini-clad babes, palm trees, martinis on the rocks, etc.
Pretty good, he though!  He visited Heaven, and saw a lot of poker-faced
folks in white robes with harps.  So he picked Hell, naturally.

Awhile later, St. Peter was touring the afterlife and saw Bill in a lake
of fire, looking very unhappy.  Bill yelled out to St. Peter, "Hey!  It
wasn't like this when I visited before!" and St. Peter replied, "Oh,
well, but that was the demo."


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