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Re: Ink Jet Inks

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, John G. Henry wrote:

> Who knows when the air conditioning system fails in the midst of summer heat
> and your books are stored in the sixth and top floor of your library. Ink jet
> ink (water soluable by design) may well pick up enough moisture to liquify
> and transfer to the page opposite.

Ooo.  I'll test that question, for certain.  I made a bunch of book pages
and then discovered a typo, so I certainly have some materials.  Just
have to rig up a high-humidity environment and see what happens.

One of my prototypes got spilled on recently, and held up pretty well,
just a little blurring of an edge, but it didn't get wet inside. BTW, the
ROLATAQ glue did release in a few places (2 layers of the same paper,
laminated together), but the paper didn't cockle, and a little regluing
made it good as new. In case people are interested in that particular
adhesive, I don't find the hand-roller lays down a very even layer, but
the glue itself is really fine.

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