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Mohawk Letterpress

I received a promotional piece from Legion Paper the other day promoting
what they represented as a replacement for Mohawk Letterpress. In the
accompanying letter Legion states that they were informed by Mohawk Paper
Mills that they (Mohawk) were discontinuing Mohawk Letterpress.

Anybody know anything about this?

If true, you Mohawk Letterpress fans better stock up.

jack sinclair

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Charles Alexander wrote:

                < S N I P >

> Even Mohawk makes what I consider better, more interesting papers -- Mohawk
  Vellum and Mohawk Letterpress. But even those are not really among my
  favorites. And of course, printing on handmade paper is a delight,
  although it also can offer some major challenges. But I imagine that
  anyone printing letterpress these days rather likes challenges. >

                        < S N I P >

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