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New Book "Exposed Spine Sewings" by K. Smith

At last, Keith Smith's newest book, "Exposed Spine Sewings" is finally
available! This is Vol. III in the Non-Adhesive Binding series. Part 1
describes how to use a sewing frame, to round a book for an exposed spine, to
pack the supports and to dye the cords and thread. The second section
describes various raised support sewings covered by text, diagrams and
photography plus simple to elaborate sewings across, rather than along the
spine, requiring only needle and thread. Photographs of binding by various
contemporary binders are also included. 6" x 9", 320 pages, this book is
available either bound or in sheets for those who would like to bind their
own copies. Either version is $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping and is readily
available from stock from Bookbinder's Warehouse (e-mail KarenC5071@xxxxxxx).
 Regards, Karen Crisalli/BBW

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