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Re: Mohawk Letterpress

>I received a promotional piece from Legion Paper the other day promoting
>what they represented as a replacement for Mohawk Letterpress. In the
>accompanying letter Legion states that they were informed by Mohawk Paper
>Mills that they (Mohawk) were discontinuing Mohawk Letterpress.
>Anybody know anything about this?
>If true, you Mohawk Letterpress fans better stock up.
>jack sinclair
>On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Charles Alexander wrote:
>                < S N I P >
>> Even Mohawk makes what I consider better, more interesting papers -- Mohawk
>  Vellum and Mohawk Letterpress. But even those are not really among my
>  favorites. And of course, printing on handmade paper is a delight,
>  although it also can offer some major challenges. But I imagine that
>  anyone printing letterpress these days rather likes challenges. >
>                        < S N I P >
>To Jack and Alexander and all the other Paperusers,

I use truly a wide varity of papers and very often imported from various
places around myself.
Quit a while ago I got in touch with "Al Ricca' a procurer for fine and
exotic paper.
He is my best source for exotic or generic paper, I think he can probably
help you toput your hands on what ever is remaining on the market of mohawk.

He can be reached at Sterling Art at - 1-800-953-2953 or 310 - 397 - 0270

regards,    charles

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