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Re: Hardware and printed inserts for handmade books.

Coincidentally, I just researched the very topic of where to obtain the
"hardware" for looseleaf bindings.  The results are at home, where I'm
not, so I'll bring them in over the weekend or on Monday.

My next problem is going to be how to attach them!

Lavinia Adler

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Terry Rowley wrote:

> Does anyone have a supplier for metal mechanisms such as those found
> in ring bindings and photo albums? This is something that I have
> never come across in any of the catalogs I have recieved from
> different venders, yet I see handmade books with them quite
> frequently. Also I am interested in purchasing on fine paper,
> various types of inserts for journals and layouts for address books
> and datebooks on unbound sheets.
> I am not interested in mass produced items. The more unique the
> better, as I am interested in quality not quantity. I look forward
> to hearing from anyone interested, including those from "across the
> water".
> Regards
> Terry Rowley
> Brendan Thomas Books
> 88 Highland Avenue
> Naugatuck, CT  06770
> 203-729-1663
> capnhuff@xxxxxxxxxx

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