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Thomas Register (was Re: Hardware and printed inserts for handmade books.)

To Sabra, (interesting first name!)

Since you are "in" to storytelling, let me relate a short one.  I had just
arrived in Los Angeles in 1971 for a visit before moving to the city.  I was
being driven through Hollywood, and I noticed a large grey edifice with a
low first floor and set back from the street with an expanse of green lawn
between the street and the building.  I noticed some activity between
someone on the first floor and someone standing very close to the building
out on the lawn.

I asked my guide what building that was since it looked "public."  My guide
replied that it was the Hollywood branch of the Los Angeles Public Library;
yes, the same one that was torched by some idiot arsonist (never captured)
and several years prior to the torching of the main library.  (I realize
that neither tragedy comes up to the respective burnings of the libraries at
Constantinople or earlier at Alexandria.)

We were several blocks away when it finally registered on me what I had
observed going on between the two individuals I mentioned in the first
paragraph.  The person inside was passing a volume of the Thomas Register,
with its larger-than-telephone-book format and its distinctive light green
cover to the individual on the lawn.  I had just witnessed a theft from the
Hollywood Public Library, but by the time it had registered, we were at
least a half mile from the site.

Since then, I cannot look at a Thomas Register without recalling one of my
first impressions of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

At 07:19 AM 1/26/96 -0700, you wrote:

>Just an FYI--A lot of public libraries also own the Thomas Register and
>might be more accessible for some of the members.
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