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Re: Restoration Binding

>I am an instructor at a community college and I have been teaching
>product finishing for a number of years. I teach machine folding and
>cutting, etc. Because of the limitation of equipment (only one
>folder for 25 students) I have developed a second section of the
>class devoted to hand bookbinding. This has become extremely popular
>and this semester I have a librarian in the class who is interested
>in books on restoration binding. I would appreciate any suggestions
>of books on this topic that I may pass on to my class.

I would recommend:

    Middleton, Bernard. The Restoration of Leather Bindings. rev.ed.
Chicago: American Library Association, 1984.

There may be a newer edition, but in any case I have found this to be an
invaluable source for information on restoration.

Barry Trott

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