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Re: CBBAG website crash (was: beer quote!)

Dear Richard

Still bombing I fear: I get an error in Netscape followed by a GPF. It
bombed Netscape navigator 2 and the previous version. In each case
some text arrived with gaps for gifs. Then I got a "server might be
down" a couple of times (common enough with many servers but it's 0830
here so yours shouldn't be busy). Further attempt, I started getting
stuff and it bombed on a GPF. Not sure there is much more diagnisotic
information I can offer ... good luck!

Best regards, Martyn
             Martyn Ould, The Old School Press, The Green,
                Hinton Charterhouse, Bath BA3 6BJ, UK
                       e-mail mao@xxxxxxxxxxxx
           web page at http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/ppuk.htm

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