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Re: Hardcover case & endpapers for paperbacks

Would "made endpapers" with a Japanese repair tissue work?  The repair
tissue is more flexible and compatible with the Japanese papers chosen
for the endpapers and would add strength to what is pasted down.
However, I'd try a small sample before I attempted this, since there may
be enough difference in stretch/shrink of the two papers involved to
cause a problem (this issue could be a problem with your original thought

We'd all like to know your solution and other suggestions, so share, please.

Jane Brown

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Richard Miller wrote:

> Would anyone have any suggestions for the following scenario?
> I have been asked to remove the paper cover from a perfect bound paperback
> (which I have done) and rebind it into a hardcovered case binding.
> Normally, since one isn't re-sewing, one tips on single-fold endpapers,
> wraps the spine (and onto the endpapers) with linen, and attaches the case
> by pasting down the board papers. I have done this before and it seems to
> work alright, although not if the book was to be subjected to heavy use, or
> if the book was heavy itself - neither being true in this scenario.
> My problem is the client has chosen a Japanese-style endpaper which I don't
> really think is strong enough to hold, although the linen will help. I've
> though about a made endpaper (which sort of negates the good qualities of
> the Japanese paper). Does anyone know of another endpaper construction
> which would work in this case (no pun intended)?
> Thanks, Richard.

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