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Binding hardware and Mohawk Paper

Binding posts or screw posts are available in aluminum, brass or plastic.
The aluminum can be bought in small quantities in office product supply or
hardware stores under the name Charles Leonard.  Brass can be found at
Bookbinding suppliers, i.e. BookMakers or some leather supply outlets.
Plastic binding posts are available in a number of colors other than clear
but require buying large quantities. I can dig up the address if anyone
is interested.  They are less expensive per post than aluminum and brass
but 5,000 is the minimum, I think.

My paper supplier, UNISOURCE, of Mohawk Superfine paper has notified me
that they will no longer be able to get Mohawk Superfine but didn't
specify a date. I may substitute it in the future with Neehnah Classic
Crest which has a nice surface for decorating paper on and is also
acid free along with being recycled. I can get that through ZELLERBACH
Paper Co.

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