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bookwhat? / Japanese lace bindings

Hello, all--

Concerning what we call ourselves, my 5 year old tells others that I'm a
bookmaker, and that he wants to be one as well (between cowboy,
firefighter, & paleontologist, sort of a occupation du jour).  Needless to
say, it gets a lot of strange looks.

I end up using Book Repair Technician a lot because I don't really do much
binding per se, but rather repairs.  I don't use Conservation much because
a lot of people think it has something to do with birds & trees.  But most
of all, I just tell them I work in a university library & they're impressed
enough with that, though I'm not sure why.

Also, does anyone out there have any good reference sources for
instructions on Japanese lace bindings?  I've sort of figured out something
on my own, but I'd rather do it traditionally, & am not sure if I'm doing
it right.

Alan P. Van Dyke                             Fermentation and

Technical Staff Assist. II                   civilization are
Preservation Department                          inseparable.
General Libraries                                -John Ciardi

The University of Texas at Austin

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