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Some more about the International Monotype memory project

A follow-up on this ambitious project.

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>To: ltrpress@xxxxxxxxxx (Bradley Hutchinson)
>From: schweizer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Andreas Schweizer)
>Subject: Some more about the International Monotype memory project
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 22:30:00 +0100
>Dear Bradley,
>Thanks for your interest. "The international Monotype memory project" need
>all person and organisation knowledge.  The subject is vast, and the work
>important, but time, interest and energy must be
>shared before  the machines go  to steel foudery  or  to rosting Museum's..=
>We can not forget that the Monotype keyboard and casting machine represent
>a top achievement
>of the mecanical knowledge. The historical window to keep this knowledge is
>going to close each day
>passing. The maintenance, spare parts and other  make the ressources rare
>and difficult for a person  alone to face.
>Some more about me...
>I am thirty -five years old, living in Geneva, Switzerland in the middle of
>Europe. Schweizer mean's in german: the swiss guy.
>As you probably notice by my message "Schakspeer " language is not my
>mother tongue language !!
>As far  I can express myself  and hope You understand what I mean...
>The center Europe position of Switzerland make the people open to foreign
>I speak english, german and french.  The knowledge can be everywhere, and
>english is dominant in Internet, so it's obvious to mail and collect in
>english. But the application of a complet electronic Monotype manual  will
>be, we hope worl wide.
>So I think first to start on three language level: english, french and germ=
>My proposal is to create the structure of the electronic manual of the
>Monotype keyboard.
>The official mamual from Monotype is a perfect application for hypertext.
>For those who never
>read one page of it, try to find one and read some pages of it !...
>My time shedule for the  achievement  of the structure is end of march.
>I will construct it first in french because our association has two old
>specialist of keyboard and casting machine. This structure will imply
>photographies of the spare parts, manipulation for maintenance (video ?)
>graphics,souds, tables, list of parts and numerotations and so on. All the
>structure will be useful for every
>language and sources can be collected by the way.
>This memory  under the electronic form must  keep all subtilies of the
>mecanical aspect of it !
>The aim is to keep a knowledge and to make it transferable for the next
>On the same level it's important to create a net of available font over the
>world. Those machine are nothing without a large choice of fonts. It's time
>to save and to collect before destruction.
>Start to make a list of the fonts you have, make friend, people and
>organisation sensitif to the subject
>and the collecting ( a national center for collecting information  and
>stuff through internet ?).
>Start to hunt the subject in all the part of your country , printers,
>letterpress shops, scools etc...
>We try to find people and organisation in all countries concerned by the
>subject and who are ready to play a activ role in the hunting.
>If you are ready for it, I will soon give you more information  about the
>organisation and mamagement
>of the International Monotype memory.
>Best regards      Andr=E9as
><Andr=E9as Schweizer>

Bradley Hutchinson * Digital Letterpress * 1906 Miriam * Austin, Texas 78722
512-478-7632 * 512-478-5508 fax * http://www.zilker.net/~ltrpress/index.html

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