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Re: Looking for Norman Clayton

Hi Tom,

I saw your message posted on the listserv and because I live in Oakland I
decided to look up Norman Clayton's number in the phone book.  It appears
that there is a Norman J. Clayton listed (no address) and his phone number
is 510.655.9393.  I hope this helps!


>I am trying to contact Norman Clayton, author
>of Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Book.
>He was (is?) at the Rhode Island School of
>Design, then was (is?)(was said to have been?)
>in Oakland, California.
>I would appreciate any information on how to locate
>Mr. Clayton.
>               Tom Trusky
>               Idaho Center for the Book

"Those whom books will hurt will not be proof against events. If some
books are deemed more baneful and their sale forbid, how, then,
with deadlier      facts, not dreams of doting men? Events, not books,
should be forbid."
                            -Herman Melville

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