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Artists' Zines/Micropresses Catalogue & Exhibit

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SOME ZINES 2:  Alternative & Underground Artists' &
Eccentric Magazines & Micropresses (the exhibition)
will be at the Boise State University Student Union
Art Gallery for the month of March.
Over 75 zines, from ADVERSARY to 'ZINE, from the
USA, Australia, England, Holland, Canada, Poland,
and Mexico, are included in the exhibit.  SOME ZINES
2 houses a ZinePlex showing continuous-play zine
and zine-related videos, and a Zinery, on-line
computers for zine surfers.  As well, various zine-
related publications, gew-gaws, and juju items are
SZ2, the catalogue, contains over 30 b&w and over 40
color photographs, as well as statistics, artist/
publisher autobiographies, philosophy, and advice, plus
curatorial commentary.  Hardback, spiral bound, 45pp.,
the SZ2 catalogue is the companion volume to SOME ZINES,
the 1992 exhibition catalogue produced for the world's
first academic zine exhibition.
For further information about SOME ZINES 2, the exhibition,
or ordering information for SOME ZINES or SOME ZINES 2,
the catalogues (or GUESTS, the award-winning facsimile
SOME ZINES guestbook), please contact Tom Trusky, Curator,
SOME ZINES, at the following e-address:

[ps:  SZ2 zinesters:  your catalogues are in the mail!]

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